Radioactive t shirt
Item code: 3056
Price: RM 15
Colour: white

lightly worn once. cotton. fits better in S although it's tagged M. still in good condition :)

black hobo bag
Item Code: 1115
Colour: black
Price: SOLD

lightly use once. still in perfect condition! :) can be a sling bag too :)
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:) Thank You so much! :)

Picture above: 3054 yellow

picture above: 3054 black

Giordano for man
Item Code: 3054 yellow/black
Price: Rm 28 each (two for RM 50)
Colour: white

brand new without tag, for man.

school bag
Item Code: 1113
Price: Rm 20
Colour: white

lightly used once. no flaws.

four in one colour
Item code: 3052
Price: Rm 25
Colour: as above

worn once.

Item Code: 3050
Price: SOLD
Colour: as shown above

Worn once.

I don't understand the message u r trying to convey.
Item Code: 3048
Price: RM 10
Colour: white

Brand new.

Long sleeve top
Item Code: 3046
Price: RM 10
Colour: Pink

worn a few times

Oversized ribbon top
Item Code: 3044
Price: RM 20
Colour: pink

Brand new

high waist secretary
Item Code: 3042
Price: Rm 20
Colour: Red

Worn once.

Casual dress
Item Code: 3040
Price: RM 10 each. buy 2 for RM 18
Colour: purple and greenish blue

Worn once.

Item Code: 3038
Price: RM 15
Colour: as shown above.

Worn once. there's two layers and can be worn two ways

Item Code: 3036
Price: RM SOLD
Colour: dark brown

excluding white tank top. adjustable strap.

Starry high waist dress
Item Code: 3034
Price: RM 15
Colour: as shown above.

worn once.

Silky green
Item Code: 3032
Price: RM 10
Colour: greenish yellow

worn once

your Tshirt on
Item Code: 3030
Price: SOLD
Colours: green / pink

brand new.

3/4 leggings
Item Code: 2238
Price: Rm 15
Colour: Plain Black

Free size. Worn once.

Item Code: 2236
Price: RM 10 each
Colour: White / Bronze

Used a few times.

Black Vest
Item Code: 2234
Price: SOLD
Colour: Black

Used a few times. can be buckle up too. adjustable.

Mini Skirt
Item Code: 5010
Price: Rm 15
Colour: Jeans

worn a few times, still in good condition

checked top
Item Code: 3028
Price: SOLD
Colur: Red

Worn 2 times.

long sleeve electric blue
Item Code: 3026
Price: RM 15
Colour: Electric Blue

Worn once. excluding inner white top. with a hood.